Musical Composition

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At Zaid Bros, our team of experienced composers excels in crafting unique compositions that tell emotional stories. We are dedicated to working closely with you to bring your musical vision to life. Committed to quality and meeting deadlines, we are ready to create a musical masterpiece that will captivate your audience. Trust us to bring your musical project to fruition.


Author, Composer, Performer

"Bikka is a renowned music composer and author. His musical compositions transcend genre boundaries, evoking a range of deep emotions. As an author, he crafts captivating narratives that explore the complexities of human life. Bikka's work in both music and literature leaves an indelible mark on the artistic world, touching the hearts and souls of numerous admirers across the globe."

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Anass Elbouhali

Artistic Director and Arranger

Anass Elbouhali is a versatile artistic director, renowned for his exceptional skills as an arranger and guitarist. His musical talent and ability to orchestrate artistic performances make him a prominent figure in the industry. As an arranger, he adds a unique dimension to music, transforming each composition into a captivating auditory experience. His guitar playing is both virtuosic and moving, adding invaluable depth to musical productions. Anass Elbouhali combines his artistic creativity with insightful artistic direction to create works that leave a lasting impact and touch hearts.

Ahmed zaid

Author, Composer, Sound Engineer, Arranger

"Ahmed Zaid stands as a versatile artist, wielding his talents as an accomplished author, composer, and sound engineer. His eloquent words, evocative melodies, and mastery of technical intricacies converge to establish him as an exceptional creator, leaving behind a profound and enduring artistic legacy."

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