Personalized Artistic Coaching

What is artistic coaching?

If you're a musician or a singer looking to positively transform your career, you're in the right place! We've helped many artists achieve their artistic goals, become more fulfilled, and succeed in the music industry.

Our unique approach involves helping you understand the fundamental aspects of your artistic career: your artistic identity, creative strengths, values, and musical skills.

We will assist you in exploring your artistic options and work with you on a concrete action plan to take you where you want to be on the music scene. Our expertise in artistic coaching provides support for all aspects of your musical career.

Whatever artistic challenge you're facing or the musical opportunities you're seeking, we are the artistic coaching experts who can help transform your music career. Let's work together to make your artistic career a resounding success.

  • "Ambitious to develop and progress in your artistic career.

  • At a career crossroads in your musical journey and looking to consider your options

  • Seeking new opportunities but frustrated by a lack of success.

  • Facing challenges such as downsizing or looking to come back after a break in your music career.

  • Feeling uneasy in your current artistic career situation and unsure how to handle it.

  • Looking for guidance to navigate the complexities of the music industry.

  • Desiring to achieve a higher level of satisfaction and fulfillment in your artistic endeavors.

  • Open to exploring your full potential as a musician or singer.

  • Wanting to make informed decisions to propel your music career forward."

Career coaching is suitable for anyone who :

Be a true artist.

Our Team

Our strength lies in our diversity of talents. Founded by Zaid Bros, we bring together a diverse team of experts, covering multiple areas, including music production, career management, and sound engineering."


Producer/Artistic Coach


Marketer/Digital Marketer


Artistic Director/Lyricist


Artistic Director/Arranger and Guitarist

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